How Retired Slow Down The Aging Process

For a certain category of people retirement, negatively affects the health, most often it refers to the psychological state, resulting in accelerated the aging process.

To prevent this, it is necessary to prepare in advance for this period of life. First of all, you should revise the diet, including more vegetables, fruits, marine and dairy products and other foods that contain vitamins and minerals.

In addition, it is necessary to monitor the acid-base balance and prevent dehydration, for which you need to drink the necessary amount of clean water, and do it a few minutes before eating.

Since pensioners have more free time, you can use it not only to watch TV, but to arrange outdoor walks, which will have a positive effect on overall health and will not allow the appearance of extra pounds. However, it should be borne in mind that clothing should match the weather conditions in order to avoid supercooling.

Be Active and Sociable

In addition, give more time to the education of grandchildren and communication with friends, because such meetings relieve loneliness. A favorable effect on the nervous system is provided by visits to the theater, museums, and travel, during which people get new impressions.

A good option will be keeping pets, especially dogs, because they need to be strolled at least twice a day, which promotes active lifestyles, and also expands the circle of communication, which is especially important for single pensioners. In addition, taking care of animals, it is possible to quickly relieve nervous tension.

In order to prevent the deterioration of the brain and the appearance of various diseases, including sclerosis, it is necessary to constantly engage in various types of intellectual activity. For this, reading any literature, guessing crossword puzzles, playing chess, and learning foreign languages ​​are good.

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