How Not To Get Sick In The Winter?

How Not To Get Sick In The Winter?In winter, the number of colds and infectious diseases is increasing, and there are several reasons for this.

One of them is that in the winter the body does not receive enough vitamin, which contribute to the strengthening of immunity. Therefore, experts recommend more often include in the cách làm trắng da mặt cấp tốc tại nhà diet of vegetables, in which all the useful substances are preserved, as well as dried fruits, apples, bananas and citrus cultures.

The diet should be varied, and, you should Papillux како да се користи not avoid hearty meals, especially in the cold season. The fact is that hot and nutritious food contributes to giving extra energy, which does not allow hypothermia of the body.

When preparing the menu, special attention should be paid to products with a high protein content, as well as not to abandon the products of animal origin.

Some people prefer to drink hot tea before going out, but this should not be done, because it helps to expand the vessels, which causes the loss of additional heat. In severe frosts, hot drinks can not be dispensed with, which improve the circulatory system and impart energy, but after using them, it should not be left to frost for at least half an hour.

Smoking is an addiction, which can be abandoned at any age, regardless of the length of service. The fact is that the number of smokers who have oncological diseases of the Psorimilk природен третман на псоријаза lungs and respiratory tracts has increased significantly recently. The main reason for this is the negative impact of nicotine and other substances that manufacturers add to the manufacture of cigarettes. It is especially not advisable to smoke while in the cold, because there is a worsening of blood circulation, which can lead to frostbite of the legs or hands.

It’s Necessary To Choose The Right Clothes

Some caring mothers wrap the nose and mouth of the child with a scarf, believing that in this way he will less inhale the cold air.

However, due to sudden changes in temperature and humidity, the scarf forms an ice crust, resulting in the baby having to breathe even colder air, which Maxi Size वास्तविक समीक्षा leads to the occurrence of colds.

When entering the street in winter, an important factor is the correct selection of clothes and shoes, while taking into account the activity.

If, for example, you get to the place of work or study on foot, which positively affects the overall health, then clothes should be free so as not to cause sweating. In the event that you have to stand for long periods at public transport stops, then try to dress warmer.

As for shoes, it should be warm and spacious. Women should give up shoes with high heels, because this can lead to increased injuries, and blood supply to the feet worsens, which is why they quickly cool down. Nowadays it’s becoming increasingly popular to refuse wearing a headdress, but this Maxi Size real reviews should not be done, because cold air negatively affects the quality of hair, not to mention that it provokes a number of different diseases, among which are problems with hearing loss, and as well as inflammatory processes of the brain.