How Not to Become a Rabbit Eater

American scientists, using rodents, determined that in some cases, a feeling of satiety makes animals use even more food, which naturally leads to a quick set of weight.

Thus it was possible to prove that some people, who often follow a diet for weight loss, fail, resulting in a period of overeating, which can last a long time.

As a result, lost pounds are quickly restored, and often they exceed the weight that was before the onset of the process of losing weight. Therefore, try not to allow the appearance of obesity, for which, following proper nutrition, leaving the table follows with a slight sense of hunger.

In this case, take the rule of eating small portions at the same time, without refusing breakfast and lunch. With regard to dinner, then go to bed on an empty stomach also should not be, therefore, a glass of yogurt will not hurt you, but on the contrary will be useful. Whatever the diet, without the active lifestyle, the desired result will not be achieved.

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