How Injurious Is Chewing Gum

We all know that after eating it is recommended to brush your teeth, and if at home this is not a problem, then eating in a restaurant or dining room does not represent such an opportunity, so many people often use chewing gum.

As the results of the research showed, none of them has bacterial properties, as its manufacturers claim.

The only thing she can do is to refresh her breath for a short period of time. Frequent use of chewing gum causes a health hazard, because it contains a synthetic substance such as aspartame, which is an artificial substitute for sugar.

In addition, methanol is used in their production, which, when converted to formaldehyde, is a toxic substance that provokes oncological diseases, and also worsens the functioning of the heart system and brain. Therefore, it is better to use special threads or toothpicks, after which the usual rinse will help get rid of the leftovers.

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