How Helpful is Rosehip

Among the wild shrubs, special attention deserves a dog rose, the fruits of which are very useful.

Mature berries are an invaluable storehouse of useful substances, especially vitamin C, the amount of which is tens of times higher than its content in the currant and lemons. And this is not to say that the dog rose is rich in carotene, essential oils. Due to the fact that the fruits have a diuretic property, the hips are recommended for those people who have problems with the liver, kidneys. The fact is that the substances contained in it, prevent the occurrence of stones, and also remove excess fluid from the body, which avoids the appearance of swelling.

In addition, dogrose is widely distributed as a product that strengthens the immune system, resists the development of atherosclerosis, and also prevents infectious diseases and replenishes the body with vitamin stores.

To get a healing decoction enough two tablespoons of dry berries, which, putting in a thermos, pour a small amount of boiling water, and then insist for five hours. To enhance the effect of drinking such a decoction is better with honey. Infusion prepared from wild rose berries, helps to reduce glucose, which is a useful property for the work of the heart and blood vessels, and also improves digestion.

In Medicinal Purposes Use Fruits, Root and Seeds

Seeds of this plant are used for the preparation of oil, rich in fatty acids. It is worth noting that not only the fruits, but also the roots of the bush are useful, because they have healing properties.

Knowingly in folk medicine, dog rose is very popular, because it is used not only as a medicinal decoction used inside, but also in cosmetics, as well as a means for healing wounds and various skin diseases.

However, despite all the positive qualities, there are contraindications to its use, which apply to people with impaired blood circulation, especially those who have a higher risk of blood clots, as well as hypertensors who are not recommended to use wild rose, insisted on alcohol.

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