How Headphones Affect Hearing Organs

In our time it is difficult to imagine life without electronic means such as a tablet or smartphone that allow not only to communicate by phone, but also to receive a lot of different information, watch movies, play, and listen to music, while being anywhere.

This is especially true for young people who use earphones for these purposes, but do not think that such a habit can negatively affect the state of health.

Do not forget that listening to music while in public transport, especially the metro, is not recommended, because because of the noise of transport it is necessary to amplify the sound, which results in an additional load on the hearing organs, which can lead to the appearance of various diseases.

Adhere to Admissible Loudness

Specialists say that the permissible volume should not exceed 40 decibels. Do not forget that walking in headphones on busy streets, people put themselves at risk, because they do not hear the signals of the passing transport. It is also harmful to constantly listen to music using headphones, because the sound wave affects only the eardrum, and not the entire auricle, as with normal sound.

Experts note that every year an increasing number of young people turn to specialists for help because of problems related to electronic means, especially concerning the psychological state.

The fact is that if they are used for a long time, a person has a dependency, which he can not always get rid of on his own.

A certain category of people spend practically all their time in front of computer or smartphone monitors, resulting in impaired vision, overweight, and the development of osteochondrosis and other diseases that worsen the quality of life and reduce performance. As for children, they often have problems with sleep, which naturally has a negative impact on health and learning. In order to ensure that electronic means are not harmful, it is recommended that they pay no more than four hours to their attention during the day.

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