How Harmful is Early Awakening of Children

American scientists have determined that the anxious state of children can arise for various reasons and one of them is an early awakening.

Despite the fact that it is recommended to go to bed no later than ten o’clock in the evening, in practice it is difficult to persuade the child to go to bed, despite the fact that in the morning it will be necessary to get up early to attend school.

Thus, there is a situation where children do not sleep properly, which makes their ability to absorb the school curriculum deteriorate, because drowsiness appears during the classes, which negatively affects achievement.

If we add to this that in the morning they do not have enough time for a full breakfast, not to mention the performance of charging, then we can safely say that an early awakening adversely affects the overall health.

Therefore, scientists suggested that the beginning of the lessons in the school started no earlier than 8.30. It is worth remembering that before going to bed you should not get involved in active games, and also spend time in front of the computer monitor.