How Dangerous Mold Is

Experts have determined that one of the reasons for the appearance of various diseases is mold, which can be in the premises, moreover, the tenants do not even know about it, because most often it arises in a warm, humid environment inaccessible to the gaze of a person, for example, behind cabinets, in the bathroom room and other places.

The fact is that the spores excreted in the mold are in the air, get into our body, and also settle on food. The main diseases that appear due to mold fungus spores are asthma, frequent headaches, disruption of the nervous system and a number of other chronic diseases, including cancer.

The reason for this is that harmful bacteria contribute to reducing the protective function of the body, as a result of which it can not resist them. In addition, people living in such a room, there is rapid fatigue and irritability, which negatively affects the nervous system and provokes the emergence of depression.

All these Factors indicate that the quality of life is significantly deteriorating and there is a chance of a chronic disease, so try to do a wet cleaning more often, during which to pay attention to the condition of the walls.

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