How Dangerous is Depression

According to statistics, every tenth inhabitant of our planet suffers from depression, which appears, is committed imperceptibly.

Being in this state, people do not experience feelings of joy, on the contrary, fear often appears, and for no apparent reason, and this is not to say that the desire to communicate with friends, relatives, colleagues at work disappears.

In order to notice this ailment, it is necessary to know the causes and symptoms that are manifested in depression, so the specialists offer to familiarize themselves with them.

One of the reasons for the appearance of a depressive state can be a genetic predisposition, as well as various chronic diseases that last for a long time, for example, diabetes, heart attack and others.

In such cases, in addition to poor health, the occurrence of depression may be affected by the side effects of the medications used.

What People Often Suffer From Disease

Very often, those who abuse alcohol, drug addicts, and gamblers fall into depression who, in a constant loss, try to forget about problems with alcohol, without realizing that the condition will improve only for a while. Another reason may be unfulfilled dreams, because of which people lose the meaning of life and often suffer from depression, to cope with which without the intervention of a specialist is almost impossible.

Being in this state, people lose appetite, sleep is disturbed, which leads to the appearance of headaches, fast fatigue, and sometimes there are cases when thoughts of suicide arise.

According to a study conducted by psychologists at a UK university, it was found that people, especially the elderly, who are depressed, have a worse memory, they start to process the information more slowly, and it is also difficult to make any decisions. However, do not despair, because, in order to prevent such a state, it is enough to be more active, lead a healthy lifestyle, eat well and spend more time on rest.

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