Healing Properties of Sea-Buckthorn

Experts argue that with every goal, an increasing number of people use national medicine prescriptions for the treatment of various diseases, and this applies not only to the inhabitants of rural areas, but also to people living in cities.

Especially it became relevant with the advent of the Internet, when almost any person can get acquainted with different recipes in the event of problems with health.

However, experts warn that often self-medication can not, only have a positive impact, but exacerbate the situation, especially if it concerns serious diseases. Therefore, before using them it is better to consult, despite the fact that most of them have no side effects.

In the autumn period of time, a large number of berries are widely used in folk medicine, namely, dog rose, viburnum, mountain ash, and sea buckthorn.

It is worth noting that in berries of sea buckthorn there are a lot of useful substances, including vitamin, especially K, which can be why it is recommended for those people who suffer from frequent bleeding.

Berries Have Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Due to the fact that it has anti-inflammatory properties, the infusion of sea-buckthorn is a good medicine for the disease of teeth and mouth. The efficiency of the whole organism depends on the metabolic process, and, as is known, sea buckthorn oil can improve this process.

Especially it has a beneficial effect on the work of the stomach in the treatment of gastritis or peptic ulcer, if you take one teaspoon daily before eating until the end of treatment.

In addition, oil is used in case of injuries or burns on the body. As a result of the fact that the substances contained in this berry can reduce blood pressure, in the treatment of hypertension it is good to use sea buckthorn juice.

Thanks to the unique enzymes in berries, virtually all vitamins, including ascorbic acid, are retained, even after heat treatment. In connection with the fact that it contributes to strengthening the protective functions of the body, do not miss the opportunity to include berries in the diet, naturally in a moderate amount.