Healing Properties of Potato

Nowadays, some people refuse to eat potatoes, considering this vegetable as the culprit for the appearance of excess weight.

As a result of the fact that the potato contains a lot of starch and carbohydrates, most dieticians do not recommend including it in the diet in the afternoon.

However, to completely exclude it, is also not worth it, because it contains many useful substances necessary for the normalization of metabolism. In addition, English scientists have been shown that freshly prepared potato juice is able to treat gastritis and even stomach ulcers.

The fact is that in its composition there are substances capable of killing the bacteria Helicobacter pylori, which are the culprit for the appearance of ulcerative diseases. In this regard, the issue of the release of special yogurt with the addition of potato juice, periodically using which can improve the work of the stomach and prevent the emergence of a number of diseases.

Potato contains substances that prevent the onset of cancer. It should be remembered that the product must be boiled, baked or stewed, but not fried, because in this form it is harmful.

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