Headaches During the Time of Change Weather

In the spring period of time there is often a change in weather conditions, which negatively affects the health of a certain category of people, who are called meteodependents.

Most often these are elderly people who have various chronic diseases associated with disruption of the heart, vessels and brain.

In addition, scientists learned that on the eve of torrential rains, when atmospheric pressure changes, there are often cases when the adrenal glands intensively produce a stress hormone, as a result of which a person feels not very comfortable, because anxiety, irritability and other symptoms that affect negatively a psychological condition and reducing working capacity.

Causes of Their Origins

At such times, cases of headaches, insomnia, and also problems with the operation of the stomach and joints are not uncommon. In order to limit the negative impact of the external environment on the state of health, first of all, it is necessary to balance the diet by eliminating fatty and smoked products.

In addition, do not overeat, because it leads to increased heart rate, resulting in increased blood pressure and worsens well-being.

People who have hypertensive illnesses in such a period should be especially cautious and give up heavy physical exertion and control the pressure. It should be remembered that smoking causes irreparable harm to the body, provoking various diseases, including cancer, as well as nicotine narrows the blood vessels.

The same applies to the use of alcohol, which at the initial stage dilates the blood vessels, which results in a person feeling relieved, but after a certain time, their constriction occurs, which negatively affects the work of the heart and brain.

Often there are cases when some people, even using useful products such as cocoa, chocolate, citrus cultures, as well as hard cheese and even nuts, can cause headaches. At this time, most dieticians recommend giving preference to salads prepared from fresh vegetables and dressed with olive oil, as well as greens and seafood.

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