Harm For Health From Lies

Often there are situations when people say lies in order not to offend their interlocutor, believing that in this way they save his nervous system from negative influence.

Most often it occurs in families where parents deceive children, because they consider their actions to be correct.

However, Chinese scientists conducted an experiment in which 500 volunteers took part. Dividing them into two identical groups, the participants of the first were asked to speak only the truth for two months, while the rest were allowed to lie for good.

It turned out that during this period of time the participants of the 1st group significantly improved not only the psychological state, but also the physical condition, and, both to themselves and to the interlocutor. The fact is that in telling a lie, a person is constantly in a state of nervous tension, not knowing about it.

Often thinking that sooner or later it becomes known about deceit, his sleep is disturbed, irritability appears, which worsens the quality of life, not to mention the fact that such people become less active.

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