Harm and Benefits of Longing Fasting

Currently, among nutritionists there is a dispute over starvation, and if some claim that such nutrition is good for health, others argue that it harms the body.

If in ancient times different nations refused to eat because of religious motives, believing that in this way they cleanse their soul and body, nowadays most people hold such a post in order to get rid of excess weight and only a few – for body cleansing from harmful savings.

Most doctors do not support such nutrition, explaining this by the fact that fasting for a long time causes stress in the body, which often results in the appearance of any diseases.

Despite the fact that now with the help of the Internet you can find a large number of methods of starvation, whose authors claim 100% weight loss, experts do not advise them to use, because this is not the most effective method of getting rid of excess kilograms.

The fact is that for the first time the days of starvation will basically be a loss of fluid, and not excess fat deposits, which, on the contrary, will be persistently preserved so as not to waste supplies. All this leads to a slowing down of the metabolic process, which will affect the rapid weight gain right after you start to eat fully, and often in a larger amount.

Fasting Prolongs the Years of Life

According to the research it became known that a good effect for losing weight is fasting, which lasts no more than one and a half days, provided they correctly exit.

As for the issue of cleansing the body of toxins, some experts say that the human body does not need any cleaning at all, because the bodies themselves cope with this.

At the same time, other experts argue that the food now consumed contributes to their accumulation, which often causes the appearance of diabetes, atherosclerosis and many other diseases. However, after the experiments conducted by scientists, it was possible to establish that fasting contributes to longevity, and also helps to get rid of many diseases, including cancer.

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