Hair Beauty and Сare

What woman does not want to have long hair? Of course, each. But not only that the hair should be long, they need to be healthy.

So, what to do to your hair will always look great?

1. Power. Eat need to correct. It is important to consume adequate amounts of vitamins. Recall that the curd has a positive effect on the condition of the hair. Following its use hair becomes shiny and healthy.
2. Care. It is important to provide quality hair care and regular. This means that the shampoo should clearly match the type of hair and scalp. If shampoo is chosen incorrectly, this can badly affect the appearance of hair form. Do not neglect the hair mask. It is best to cook them yourself. As a basic structure, you can take burdock oil or yogurt. As an accessory ingredients fit – henna, honey, brown bread and mustard.

Hair Care must be systemic. If this is to ensure that the result will be seen very soon.

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