Habits Contributing To Longevity

Habits Contributing To LongevityAccording to experts, most people think about the life expectancy in old age, when there are various diseases.

Everyone knows that after 50 years of age, the natural process of aging of the body begins, while at the same where can i get fast cash loans today Philippines time, it depends on how fast it will move.

In order to maintain a good physical shape and not suffer from multiple sclerosis and other diseases, it is necessary to adhere to a healthy lifestyle from a young age. Scientists have identified several useful habits, adhering to which you can extend the life span by several tens of years.

One of them is hygiene compliance, while brushing your teeth Philippines seaman loan twice a day in the morning and in the evening. The fact is that the remains of food, getting into the body, cause a number of different diseases, not to mention the deterioration of the work of the stomach and intestines. It also affects the quality of teeth.

From The Quality Of Sleep Depends On The General State Of Health

Sleep is one of the important elements of a person’s life, which must be treated with full seriousness.

To ensure that the body can fully rest, it is necessary to sleep at least eight hours a day, while the best time to fall asleep is from 21 to 22 hours. However, not only duration, but the quality of sleep affects the state of health. In order for it to be strong and full, it is necessary to adhere to some simple rules.

One of them is the refusal to use electronic funds shortly before sleep, overeating at night, and taking a hot bath. Despite the fact that such a procedure can relax the nervous system, take a bath owwa loan program for OFW better two hours before you go to bed. Some people drink alcohol in order to fall asleep more quickly, which should not be done, because, as such a dream is not effective, and alcoholic drinks cause dependence, which is very difficult to get rid of.

In order to quickly fall asleep well read books and solve crosswords, not to mention walking walks, which relieve nervous tension and contribute to the enrichment of blood with oxygen. Experts argue that those people who read often have good memory, and brain cells are aging more slowly. There are some foods that need to be restricted, regardless préstamos en linea urgentes sin buro of age, and include salt and sugar, as well as semi-finished products, sausages and foods containing preservatives that are added to increase shelf life and give the best taste. It should be remembered that there are products that have rejuvenating properties. Among them is worth mentioning fruits and vegetables with high water content, for example, cucumbers, celery, watermelons and peaches.

In addition, daily use includes apples, garlic, onion nuts, as well as forest berries, marine and dairy products. Do not forget about clean water, which does not allow the appearance of dehydration, and also mini préstamos inmediatos removes harmful accumulations from the body. Leading an active image and doing sports can extend life years, at least 15 years.