Green Color Positively Affects Feeling

The state of our health is affected by various factors and, as scientists have found out, the psychological state is affected by color.

Even in ancient times among the inhabitants of Egypt, for treatment of various diseases special rooms with colored crystals were used.

After conducting a series of experiments on rodents, American scientists have proved that the reduction of neuropathic pain is most positively affected by green color.

Therefore, before you glue your room with wallpaper and hang curtains, it is best to choose the appropriate colors, because it depends on them, not only the state of health, but also the mood. If you use red and bright yellow colors, they can contribute to the appearance of feelings of irritability and even aggression.

As for the colors of cold tones, they usually soothingly act on the state of the nervous system, however, a prolonged stay in such a room can provoke a feeling of sadness and melancholy. It turns out that even the color of the products is able to regulate our appetite.

Negative Influence of Green Color

Despite the overall positive impact on the person, the green color also has negative sides. For example, scientists argue that the sedative effect of this color on our psyche can provoke an increase in laziness or reduce our motivation. Surrounding yourself in green at home, you may find yourself in a situation where you don’t want to do anything and this is the first sign of poor performance. That is why office rooms or work areas are not recommended to be painted green. Also, the green color is not recommended with a strong psychological exhaustion of the body, because it can cause a breakdown.

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