Fruits with Greater Iron Content

The lack of any vitamin or mineral can cause not only a disturbance of the metabolic process, but also increases the risk of various diseases, and this is not to say that there are various ailments that worsen the quality of life.

Especially it is felt in old age, maybe, therefore, nutritionists recommend that people over 50 years of age change their diet.

Including a variety of products, preferring Mediterranean cuisine. Observance of such a rule contributes to the improvement of both mental and physical activity, as well as longevity.

Specialists note that recently more and more people have started to meet, whose blood has insufficient level of iron, and the main reason for this is malnutrition.

This leads to the fact that red corpuscles do not produce hemoglobin, which causes fatigue and anemia. Normalize the situation without using medicines, you can by including in the menu products that contain a lot of iron.

One Of Them Is Dried Apricots

One such is apricots, which, in addition to having a large number of nutrients, has good taste qualities. Moreover, iron, as well as other minerals and vitamins are not contained, only in ripe fruits, and in dried berries, it can be washed, therefore, nutritionists recommend that in winter time they not consume the use of dried fruits, including dried apricots.

Experts say that one hundred grams of this product contains half the daily amount of iron.

Also do not forget that these berries improve the work of the heart and strengthen the vessels, which is an important factor for people of any age. Such a fruit, as dates, like to adults and children, and this is not surprising, because it is a useful product, which contains a lot of iron, as well as other substances necessary for the normal functioning of the body.

Among the dried fruits, raisins are also worth mentioning, in which there is a lot of glucose and iron, which is easily digested. Some people rarely use pomegranate because of the large number of pits, but experts say that this fruit can be eaten with them. The fact is that the use of pomegranate in a moderate amount, will help get rid of anemia, which occurs due to iron deficiency.