From Which Morning Habits It Is Better To Refuse

Working capacity and mood throughout the whole working day in many ways depends on how you spent the morning.

In this case, experts note that some people have habits, which are recommended to refuse, for example, to refuse to take a shower.

The fact is that this procedure helps to cheer up quickly after sleep, and also strengthens the immune system and improves the work of the brain. In this case, it is worth considering that the water should be cool, because the hot shower on the contrary acts relaxing.

Scientists have proved that those who take a contrast shower every day are much less likely to suffer from both cold and viral diseases, not to mention the fact that such procedures contribute to weight loss.

It should be taken into account that shampoo or gel can not be used every day, because, due to the influence of chemical elements, this can lead to allergies and deterioration of hair quality.

With the advent of the Internet, many people start the morning with a news feed, which negatively affects the psychological state. The best option is to include your favorite music and do exercise, which will not only positively affect the figure, but also improve the mood for the whole working day.

The Right Breakfast Is The Energy For The Whole Day

Some people, because of lack of time, refuse breakfast, which should not be done, because it is the main food intake that provides energy. It is not recommended to use breakfast cereals.

The fact is that because of the large content of “fast” carbohydrates, there is an emission of insulin into the blood, and then a sharp decline, which leads to fatigue. In addition, it is not necessary to drink juice on an empty stomach, including freshly squeezed, and also coffee, because these drinks cause irritation of the gastric mucosa and provoke the appearance of heartburn and gastritis. In order to avoid the process of fermentation, you should not combine the main products with fruits, which are better to eat as a snack.

A good option is to prepare dishes such as cereals, omelet, as well as cottage cheese and lean meat.

In order not to spoil your mood when choosing clothes, it is best to prepare it in the evening, especially for women who pay special attention to this. An important factor is hygiene compliance, however, brushing your teeth with paste immediately after eating does not follow, because at that time the enamel becomes more vulnerable. To remove food residues, rinsing or the use of a special thread is good, and toothpaste can be taken half an hour after eating.

Chinese scientists have proved that waking up with an alarm bell is an incorrect habit, because it has a negative effect on the central nervous system.

Therefore, try to go to bed earlier to wake up on your own, while you should not jump out of bed abruptly, and it is better to stretch and soak for several minutes, which will help improve blood supply and stretch muscles. In addition, do not rush immediately to refuel the bed, because in this way moisture does not evaporate, which creates favorable conditions for the dust mite.