From What Depends Quality of Performance

It would seem that after the weekend it took only two days, and you have already experienced a decline in efficiency and the reasons for this somewhat.

One of them is spring avitaminosis, when the body lacks vitamins, weather changes, when there are sharp changes in air temperature, as well as chronic fatigue, malnutrition and other factors.

Many people often use a large amount of coffee or energy drinks to increase their tone, but they do not realize that this way they worsen the state of health.

The fact is that such drinks really drive drowsiness and increase efficiency, however their action very quickly ends, as a result of which the state of health deteriorates again, and to a greater extent.

How to Get Rid of Insomnia and Get Rid up

Therefore, in order to cheer up, experts recommend drinking green tea, which gives a charge of vivacity and increases the work of the immune system. In this case, do not forget about clean water, because its lack in the body provokes the appearance of a headache, worsens the mood and overall well-being in general. In order to be vigorous and active throughout the working day, it is necessary to pay enough attention to sleep, which must be given at least eight hours a day, because lack of sleep is also one of the reasons.

If a person sleeps well, then in the morning he easily gets up without an alarm bell, which is an important factor, because a sharp awakening negatively affects the nervous system.

There is enough time for morning exercises, water procedures, as well as a full breakfast, which is considered the main meal, because it charges the body with energy for a long time.

At the same time, the menu plays an important role, because natural products cooked in a boiled form or steamed are best suited. During snacks, do not get involved in confectionery, hamburgers or chips, or rather replace them with banana, apple, dried fruits or nuts that contain vitamin E, which has a positive effect on brain function.

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