From the Quality of Sleep Depends on Health

From the Quality of Sleep Depends on HealthChinese scientists, having conducted a number of studies, have determined that an important factor affecting the overall health condition is how a person spends the first hours after awakening.

In this case, the process of waking up can both positively and negatively affect the psychological state.

It is proved that it is best to wake up alone without an alarm clock, thus, the nervous Erogan für Männer system is not harmed. The fact is that sudden awakenings negatively affect the nervous system, provoking the appearance of irritability, feelings of anxiety, self-doubt, which ultimately can lead to the development of depression.

In order to wake up earlier without an alarm, it is necessary to go to bed earlier. Naturally, for those people who are used to staying long in front of a computer or television, it will be difficult at first to do it. In order to normalize a healthy, quality sleep, it is necessary to go to bed no later than ten o’clock in the evening, at the same Varicobooster ingredients time, at least two hours to refuse to use electronic means, including a mobile phone. Instead, go for a walk, which will provide an opportunity to enrich the blood with additional oxygen, as well as improve the circulatory system. As for the dinner, you should not completely abandon it, however, the food should be easily digestible and in small quantities.

How it is better to wake up in the morning

How it is better to wake up in the morningAfter waking up, do not jump abruptly off the bed, and it is better to stretch several times to stretch the muscles, which will improve overall well-being.

Some people set the alarm clock so that in the morning he Varicobooster ingrédients would call several times within half an hour, thus delaying the moment of ascent. However, such a method is not useful, therefore it is better to refuse such a method of awakening. Easy charging will only benefit, after which you need to take a contrast shower, which is not only invigorate, but will also contribute to strengthening immunity.

As for breakfast, it must necessarily be full, so do not start the day with a cup of coffee, but give preference to cereals, boiled eggs and other foods that are high in protein. From drinks it is better to choose cocoa or green tea, but you can drink coffee not Varicobooster Zutaten earlier than an hour after eating. The same goes for fruit, which is better to eat separately from the main products, so as not to cause the fermentation process. Scientists also managed to find out that music affects the psychological state and contributes to the normalization of sleep.

In the evening, it is better to listen to classical music, which acts soothingly on the nervous system and relieves tension, whereas in the morning, it is better to listen to invigorating and cheerful melodies that will improve mood. The experiment showed that the best time for awakening is six in the morning, because exactly during this period the most intensive recovery of cells in the body occurs.

Observing these simple rules, one can not only improve one’s health, increase efficiency, but also extend years of life, because, a good sleep and optimistic mood slows down the aging process. Among the long-livers, most people Collamask Switzerland lead an active lifestyle, have a sense of humor and do not suffer from obesity.