From Strict Diet It’s Better To Refuse

With the arrival of warm spring days, we find out that our wardrobe is getting small, since over the course of the winter extra pounds were collected.

Some people, most often these are women, begin to follow a strict diet. However, as most experts note, such nutrition will not lead to the desired results, but will only harm the state of health.

The fact is that by limiting ourselves to various products, we do not get some elements, because of what the metabolism is broken, which in turn leads to the emergence of various diseases, not only related to the work of the digestive tract. Therefore, it is best to prepare the menu in advance, including all products in it, giving preference to vegetables and seafood.

It should be remembered that the portions should be small. In the evening it is not recommended to eat meat, fish and other products that are difficult to process, as in the morning you will have a state of gravity in the stomach. In the event that you have a desire to eat a piece of smoked sausage or other product, then do not deny yourself this.

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