Fitness for women: exposure of myths about exercises and diets

Fitness for women: exposure of myths about exercises and dietsReject not motivating myths about female fitness aside and direct all forces to a main goal – fat loss. Avoid a lie and look for the naked truth. Your body can become better.

What would not be told there by lazy and incompetent people, the fitness for women plays very important role. Opinion that that power trainings turn women into mannish musclemen – a mistake. If you love what you do, you will adhere more likely to the program and will achieve results.

For achievement of the goal it is necessary to consider any trifles and to understand that the truth about female fitness and that a lie.

Widespread myths about fitness for women

Phrases like “I want to get rid only of fat on a stomach any more anywhere”, “I want to strengthen only an internal part of hips”, “Work with burdening will make me similar to the man” constantly are heard in the hall. All three statements have one common feature: it is almost impossible.

Fat can be burned in some concrete area

Let’s begin with theories of a zhiroszhiganiye and reduction in a tone of a certain part of a body. The tone includes two components: fatty (subcutaneous fat) and muscular fabrics. To look more elastic, decrease in percent of fat in an organism and increase in muscle bulk is necessary.

Fitness for women

The organism cannot burn fat in any one concrete place, for example, only in a stomach. Fat leaves all body. Unfortunately, not necessarily evenly.

Many have so-called problem zones from where fat goes to the last turn. Women have, as a rule, an area of a stomach, hand or leg. Not so there is a lot of means. Almost only exit is just to continue to grow thin.

Reduction of fat happens due to deficiency of calories. It is possible to achieve it in two ways: reducing the number of the consumed calories or increasing the number of exercises, or all together. Occupations with burdening are directed to enrollment and maintenance of muscles while cardioexercises help to reach deficiency of calories.

There is only one truth in which many do not want to believe: there are no such exercises in female fitness which would burn fat only in one concrete place! No trainings with a resistance will burn fat. Only the deficiency of calories and increase in operating weight will help.

So, with what to begin? Try short interval trainings on all body. They will help to start metabolism processes.

There is also a delusion that by a large number of repetitions in exercise it is possible to achieve “burning” of muscles, and it is considered that fat melts directly in the eyes! Such “burning” is actually caused by lactic acid which is used by muscles for replenishment of reserves of the adenosine triphosphoric acid (ATP) necessary as fast energy.

Often in the hall it is possible to see the women lying on a floor and doing hundred twisting. Probably, they believe that the feeling of burning really gives “a stomach in a tone”. If you can do any exercise on 100 repetitions for approach, do not think that it is time to pass to something more difficult?

Ideally, 12-15 repetitions will be sufficient for any power weight loss exercise.

The fitness deprives of femininity

Opinion that women’s fitness trainings with burdening make the woman mannish – absolute delusion.

It is necessary to tell that the power training in itself is not a problem. All essence in food, namely in number of food, a set of muscle bulk requires many calories. An excessive set of weight does not occur in itself. It is possible to tell with confidence that for most of people to build muscles much more difficult, than to burn fat.

One more small detail about which many women forget is testosterone. Testosterone represents anabolic hormone which contains in a human body, both men, and women. It plays an important role in a set of muscle bulk.

At men, as a rule, approximately is ten times more than testosterone, than at women. Therefore even if women will consume food huge quantities, they all the same should make approximately in ten more than efforts to look as the man. Now it is clear why to the girl not so just to pump up muscles to the men’s sizes, being engaged in female fitness?

Exercises on pectoral muscles should be avoided

Other quite widespread mistake is a theory that in fitness for women there should be no exercises on pectoral muscles as from it “the breast will decrease”. The female breast generally consists of fatty tissue therefore it will decrease, only when fat level in an organism in general decreases. The rolled muscles of a breast give to women more relief also to hands and precha.

The beginning girls can pick up successfully interesting exercises on exercise machines on a breast as “Butterfly” or the Press from a breast.

Exercise “Butterfly”

Get on the exercise machine, both hands undertake handles and slowly reduce them before yourself. Second keep tension which will arise in muscles of a middle part of a breast, and then return to an initial position.

Press from a breast in the exercise machine

Adjust the exercise machine and you will choose suitable weight. Have to be in a start of motion of the handle at the level of the top part of pectoral muscles. Unbending hands in elbows, execute a press. Lower handles not up to the end. Throughout all approach keep tension in pectoral muscles.
Inclined press from a breast in the exercise machine

Exercises with a resistance do not lead to reduction of the size of a breast. Actually, due to increase in muscles, it can visually even become more. The stronger muscles will push out fat forward, the breast will seem more.

Reduction of quantity of food promotes weight loss

Most of women claim that they know about diets for weight loss everything. But usually it is meant as malnutrition or starvation. Most often the diet is meant as lack of a breakfast, salad for lunch and a slice of cheese for dinner. And what food will be correct for female fitness?

The breakfast not without the bases is considered major meal for all day. Your body needs fuel as within 8-10 hours it was without food. Missing meal, you slow down a metabolism therefore it is much more effective to eat small portions of 5-6 times a day.

For example, to grow thin, you need to eat 1500. Instead of two receptions of food on 700 calories, much the best option – five dishes containing 300 calories. If once you eat 500 calories, and in another 200, it is not terrible. While you keep within standard daily rate of calories for women several meals, all will be as it should be.

It is much more effective to eat small portions of 5-6 times a day.

You can always quickly calculate standard daily rate for weight loss and requirement in I WATCH in day by means of calculators.

Fitness gadgets are a guaranteed success

Many girls, having looked at advertizing, are bought by various fitness gadgets. For example, belts for a press which stimulate stomach muscles by means of electric discharges.

How many people actually believe that one small belt will reduce fat on a stomach, without uniform drop of sweat! Believe, still any person did not lose weight only with their help. No gadget will replace persistent work. Everything is old as the world: a diet and female fitness – the best means for weight loss. And power trainings on weight loss – the best that you can make for a beautiful body.

It is important to pay more attention to complex exercises which affect several groups of muscles at once. All options concern them: squats, attacks, a press lying, drafts and a press of dumbbells standing.

Study at once several groups of muscles – excellent loading for all body. Do various options of these exercises, at least two times a week within 40 minutes, and you do not find yourself out soon.

Do not forget also about кардио. Remember that cardiotrainings for combustion of fat are not limited only to the racetrack. It is important to find that you like to do most of all: pedestrian tourism, tennis, swimming or even rowing.

If it is pleasant to you, what are you doing, you will adhere to it much longer, persistently being engaged in months and years that increases chances of success.

Diet – an important component of female fitness

Fitness for the zhenshchindiyet it is also important for women, as well as fitness. The healthy nutrition, certainly, will accelerate progress. Do not forget to eat often, controlling the size of portions.

For restoration of muscles after the trainings your organism needs the products rich with protein. Give preference to fast meat, eggs and a serumal protein.

The moderate amount of carbohydrates also has to be included in a diet as it is the main source of energy. For this purpose wholegrain products will be ideal. They are digested more slowly and maintain your activity for longer time.

Fats play an important role in the course of restoration and production of hormones. Olive and rape oil, any grades of nuts, fat fish, for example, a salmon and a mackerel belong to useful fats.

Eat fruit and vegetables, they are vitamin-rich also the minerals necessary for normal work of an organism. Cellulose improves digestion and fills a stomach without excess calories.

You remember to achieve the objectives, it is necessary to consider each trifle. Important everything!

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