Fish on a grill in Croatian: the excellent recipe for holidays

Fish on a grill in Croatian
Fish on a grill in Croatian

Products-EU always appreciated fish that benefit which it brings to health. But on east coast of the Adriatic Sea you understand: useful maybe unimaginably tasty.

When I traveled around the Balkans, to me fish on a grill — from the whole seabass to little sardines met everywhere. I ate fish at each opportunity: the crackling thin skin and gentle pulp, aroma of a lemon, seasonings, smoke … To learn how to cook such yum-yum, I addressed the restaurateur Lidiya Bastyanich from Istria, region in the north of Croatia. Try its simple recipe. And here to you still council how to make the fish prepared on a grill is even more tasty: postpone a fork and you eat with hands.

What is necessary (for 6 portions)

  • 2 kg of fish (four carcasses on half a kilo). If near at hand suddenly there was no seabass, safely replace him with a striped perch, a grouper or a mackerel.
  • The olive oil extra virgin (perfectly, if it with garlic).
  • For a stuffing: segments of a lemon or orange, the onions cut with rings, branches of a thyme or rosemary, pink bell pepper — choose that is pleasant.

Key components of taste: lemon or orange thyme rosemary

What to do

  1. Wash and clean fish. Leave the head, fins and a tail for greater beauty.
  2. Salt fish from within and outside, oil skin. Then натолкай in seasonings — only not especially be fond, spices can kill taste of fish.
  3. Warm a brazier up to the medium-to-high temperature (220–230 °C). Oil a lattice olive and put on it fish. Prepare, without moving future dish, before emergence of a crust (about about 15 minutes).
  4. Turn by means of a wide rake and prepare even minutes 10 — so far fish will not begin to be stratified from an easy prick by a fork. Remove, give.
  5. You also know that white wine — excellent addition to fish. Lidiya Bastyanich recommends Tokaj friulano and the lemon slices roasted on a grill.

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