Fish Oil Improves Heart Work

American scientists have determined that one of the products that improve the work of the heart is fish oil, because of the presence of omega-3 in it.

As a result of the study it was possible to find out that the consumption of fish oil by 27% reduces the risk of sudden cardiac arrest, so people who have problems with the work of this body need to include this product daily in their diet.

In the experiment, more than 7,000 people with cardiovascular diseases who were registered in various cardiology centers took part. During a certain period, they drank several spoons of fat a day, and at the end of the experiment, medical staff from all institutions noted improvement in the condition of patients, which was affected by the presence of omega-3.

As a result of these studies, it became known that in order to maintain the normal functioning of cardiac activity, even for people who do not have problems, it is necessary to include marine fish of fatty varieties as often as possible in the diet. In addition, it contains substances that favorably affect the psychological state, relieving nervous tension and stress.

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