Features of the Thyroid gland

For people over forty years of age, specialists recommend at least once a year to visit an endocrinologist to determine the state of the thyroid gland.

Everyone knows that this small body is responsible for the process of metabolism and, in case of its violation, there can be not only hormonal failures, but also problems with the work of many organs.

As a result, the state of health worsens, headaches, memory loss and other symptoms, including a sharp loss or weight gain.

It is worth noting that the disruption of the thyroid gland at the initial stage may not be manifested, so a person does not even guess that he develops a serious disease. Many people believe that the main cause of thyroid problems is the lack of iodine, and in most cases this is correct.

Daily Norm of Consumption of Yoda

Experts recommend that adults use at least 200 micrograms of iodine daily, for which it is not necessary to use medicines, but rather to balance the diet by including certain types of products. Among them, you can note sea kale, walnuts, broccoli, as well as iodized salt and others.

Scientists claim that the work of all organs depends on what foods are more often on the menu, maybe that’s why those people who adhere to dietary nutrition are distinguished by better health and longevity.

Several years ago, there were recommendations on the use of milk with the addition of one drop of iodine on an alcohol basis, but during the research it was found that this can not be done, because so much iodine contains its monthly dose, which will lead to an overdose of it, and this will negatively affect the the thyroid gland.

Some people, having found seals in the thyroid gland, are suspected of having an oncological disease, but in 80% of cases the nodules appear benign. There is an opinion that there are no problems with violation of this body in children, but it is not, because every year the number of such cases increases, and often such a disease is congenital.

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