Features of the Diet of People Older than 60 years old

After reaching the age of forty-five, any person begins an irreversible process of aging the organism, and its speed may depend on certain factors.

In order to feel as good as possible in a good physical shape, it is necessary to revise the diet, especially for those over 60 years of age.

The fact is that in the category of such people the activity of the digestive system decreases, which, with improper nutrition, leads to abdominal distention, a sense of heaviness and gas formation, which ultimately affects the metabolic process on which the work of all organs depends.

To prevent this, it is necessary to make a diet in such a way that it had more vegetables and fruits, as well as sea and dairy products.

Do not Stop Fat From Fat

As for fats of animal origin, they should not be abandoned completely, but it is recommended to limit their use as much as possible, replacing them with vegetable oils. Among them, the most useful properties are olive oil, which includes many useful substances and amino acids, including those that slow the aging of cells.

Calcium, which is not contained, only in dairy products, but also in broccoli, eggs, is needed to strengthen the bone system, so these foods should be more often present in the diet.

Everyone knows that the abuse of salt and sugar has a negative effect on the work of the body, especially for the elderly, who should also refuse acute meals, because this can cause heartburn, gastritis or ulcers.

If there are chronic diseases, then when compiling the menu, this factor should be taken into account. People of this age need to be outdoors every day, because the lack of vitamin D can significantly worsen the general condition, as well as increase the fragility of bones. In this case, do not forget that some foods contain this vitamin, for example, green peas, liver and others.

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