Features of Child Care

Some people prefer to treat colds and a number of diseases using folk methods.

In this case, there are many recommendations, according to which herbal and alcoholic infusions are used, as well as vinegar, mustard and other means.

There are cases when parents use such medicine for the treatment of children, which is unacceptable, because instead of good, the baby’s health is often harmed. As it turned out, harmless herbal infusions can cause allergies, and can also disrupt the functioning of the liver and kidneys.

With cold diseases, alcohol rubbing is widely used, but for children this is unacceptable, because alcohol can penetrate the child’s thin skin, which can provoke alcohol poisoning. This also applies to vinegar, which is used as a lotion at high temperature, because it can cause skin burn.

If you have any problems related to the health of children, you need to consult a specialist who, not only will establish the correct diagnosis, but also prescribe a course of treatment.

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