Factors Deteriorating to the Work of the Heart

As a result of studies that were timed to coincide with the World Heart Day, Indian scientists found out what are the main factors that affect the deterioration of the cardiovascular system.

One of them is the frequent stresses that get, both at work and at home.

In addition, a long working day, as well as frequent trips to long distances, including business trips, adversely affect the work of the heart, because there is a change in the usual routine of the day. Nutrition also plays an important role.

It is proved that those people who prefer to consume more vegetables, fruits, dairy and marine products, suffer much less from heart diseases, which can not be said about lovers of convenience foods, fast food and harmful drinks, which include not only alcohol but also sweet sparkling water. Also in this list you can include full sleep and physical activity, because among those who have heart problems, 85% of patients are overweight.

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