Factors Causing Drowsiness

Factors Causing DrowsinessAccording to experts, in winter time the number of people who complain of the appearance of such symptoms as drowsiness, fatigue and apathy increases.

At the same time, many of them do not know the reasons for their occurrence, not realizing that this may not be a disease, but the impact of natural factors.

In summer most of the time we spend in the open air, leading a more active way of life, which naturally positively affects not only the physical state, but psychological.

It is during this Tinedol крем за габа period of time that many people take a vacation, during which it becomes possible to go to the sea, where you can relax and strengthen your health. In order to avoid fatigue, fatigue and prevent depression in the cold season, you need to follow some tips:

– to balance the diet;
– to live an active lifestyle;
– give enough time to rest.

Experts argue that there are a number of products, after consumption, which reduces activity and there is drowsiness.

Products That Reduce Activity

These include, for example, bananas, which are well suited as a snack.

The fact is that they contain a lot of magnesium, which helps to relax the muscles, therefore, it is advisable to use them in the afternoon. Do not forget that this fruit contains many substances that improve the functioning of the cardiovascular system, so people who have a problem with heart disease, you must include them in the daily diet.

In this case, the amount should not exceed more than two bananas a day, because they are rich in sugar.

There is a certain category of people who can not imagine a morning Tinedol creme para fungos without coffee, moreover, many of them drink it on an empty stomach, which can not be done. The fact is that its composition contains substances that worsen the work of the stomach and intestines.

The best option would be if you drink coffee half an hour after breakfast, with the daily rate of it should be limited, because the excess, instead of vivacity will lead to the appearance of drowsiness.

To the same category of products are bakery products, especially those that are made from white varieties of flour with a lot of sugar, fats and other additives Tinedol krém na kvasinky that improve the taste of this product.

Thus, it is better to include them in the menu during dinner so that the working capacity does not decrease during the day. Among the useful products that are recommended Tinedol κρέμα για μύκητες for people of different age categories, is dairy products, which contains calcium, as well as substances that improve the work of the stomach and intestines, replenishing them with useful bacteria.

However, with frequent use in the morning, there may also be a decrease in activity and the appearance of drowsiness.

Therefore, milk, cottage cheese or yogurt is better included in the evening diet menu. It is worth remembering that no dietary regime will help to get rid of the spleen if you have a low-activity Tinedol krema za gljivice lifestyle, and this is not to say that the probability of gaining excess weight increases, but, as is known, it is one of the problems of deteriorating the quality of life and the development of many diseases.