Factors Affecting Longevity

Scientists have conducted studies among residents of many countries to find out what factors affect life expectancy.

They were attended by citizens living in the states, both with a developed economy, and the weakest.

The participants of the experiment, which lasted for seven years, became more than 130 thousand people aged 30 to 75 years.

It turned out that people who live an active lifestyle live longer. At the same time, there is no need to attend sports clubs, but rather make daily walks, clean up the house, work on the private plot, if any.

This way of life reduces the risk of various diseases at an early age by more than 20%. Refusal from bad habits, and also using useful products, this indicator can be doubled.

In addition, the quality and length of life is affected by the psychological state, for which it is necessary to receive more positive emotions. To do this, it is recommended to communicate with friends more often, to refuse watching the programs and films that cause negative emotions.

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