External Face View Indicates Health Status

External Face View Indicates Health StatusWith the advent of the Internet, more and more citizens in case of health problems, try to establish a diagnosis on their own, which is often not true.

Experts say that only a qualified specialist can determine the disease and prescribe a course of treatment. It is worth remembering that self-medication most often leads to complications or the emergence Hair Megaspray rezultatet para dhe pas of new diseases, especially if drugs are used without a doctor’s prescription.

There are a number of diseases that have not manifested Shqipëri Tinedol themselves for a long time, but their presence can be determined by some factors. One of them is arterial pressure, the drops of which indicate the general state of the body.

In addition, some types of diseases can be determined by the appearance of the face. For example, dark circles under the eyes and pale skin color may indicate that the body is experiencing fatigue, which préstamos express por internet most often occurs due to lack of sleep, as well as large physical or mental loads. The fact is that during sleep melatonin is released, the lack of which leads to negative consequences.

Therefore, it is necessary to rest as much as possible, paying attention to sleep. In addition, normalize the diet, selecting the menu, which should be more present products such as nuts, chocolate, fruit berries, preferably forest.

As for sports, depending on the age, the most appropriate classes should be selected, however, swimming and jogging préstamos de dinero rápido en linea suit people of different age categories and have the most beneficial effect on the work of the heart, the brain and other organs.

The color of the tongue indicates the work of the organs

In a healthy person, the tongue has a gently pink color.

The appearance of white plaque may indicate a disruption of the work of the stomach or intestines, but a bluish tinge on the problems of the cardiovascular system. If the tongue is often observed yellow plaque, then in all probability there are liver diseases. In the event that the saponias of the eyes burst, their redness is observed and the main cause is the violation of the cerebral circulation.

Most often this is due to problems with the cervical vertebra, especially if periodically in the nape of the neck there are pain or difficulty turning the head.

In addition, migraine, dizziness, tinnitus, especially during a change in weather conditions, may appear. Often the swelling of the lower eyelids is observed in the morning, which is especially unpleasant for women who always try to look attractive. Most often this indicates a malfunction of the kidneys or bladder. To prevent puffiness, it is tarjetas de crédito en linea sin buro necessary to control the amount of liquid that is drunk before going to bed.

It is not necessary to refuse completely from dinner, but you should choose easily digestible foods, while taking food at least two hours before bedtime. Including in the diet of pomegranate, celery, asparagus, cabbage can improve kidney function. The condition of the hair also indicates health, and if they are dull, this indicates that the body lacks B vitamins, which are found in eggs, liver.