Errors Made at High Blood Pressure

According to statistics, in our time an increasing number of people suffer from hypertension, especially those who are overweight.

In addition, with age, the work of the heart and the condition of the blood vessels worsen, which also leads to an increase in blood pressure. Depending on the age category, it may differ, but the norm is the pressure of 120 to 80.

People over the age of forty are encouraged to periodically monitor these indicators, and in case of serious changes, consult a specialist, remembering that the sooner the treatment starts, the more effective the result will be. People with high blood pressure should balance the diet, as well as adhere to some recommendations.

What Not To Do With Hypertension

One of them is to be more careful about the massage, because such a procedure can lead to spasms, resulting in increased pressure and angina appear. In order for this to happen, it is better to measure the pressure before starting the session.

The same applies to taking baths, in which extracts are added that promote both expansion and narrowing of the vessels.

In those cases when a person’s health worsened because of a sudden change in pressure, he needs first aid, for which to put him in such a way that his head is above the trunk, while giving validol.

It is worth remembering that the state of pressure largely depends on the work of the heart. In order for this body to work without interruptions, moderate physical exertion is necessary, avoid prolonged stay in a state of nervous stress, and also balance nutrition, including foods rich in magnesium, potassium and other nutrients in the diet.

Nutritionists say that such products include fruits and vegetables.

Especially it concerns cabbage of different varieties, young potatoes, as well as aubergines, which are rich in fiber, due to which harmful cholesterol is excreted. As for foods with a high content of combined fats, it is better to completely abandon them, because they clog the blood vessels.

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