Effective Fight Against Disease

How to Avoid Disease of the FluIn winter, a flu epidemic is more common, from which a large number of people suffer each year.

In addition, colds often cause colds, which naturally negatively affects not only on Tinedol where to buy performance, but also on the general condition of the body.

Moreover, experts say that it is not so much the flu itself as the complications that arise after this disease, therefore, those who have had viral diseases need to undergo a Tinedol 在哪裡買 thorough examination. In order to reduce the likelihood of colds and flu, you must follow certain rules:

– pay attention to hygiene;
– strengthen immunity;
– adhere to proper nutrition;
– to live an active lifestyle.

It is well known that the virus can be infected by airborne droplets, so during the flu epidemic, try to avoid visiting public places and, if possible, refuse to ride in public transport.

Experts argue that if the sick person was in the room, then the virus here can persist for two hours, so when working in the office, try to ventilate the rooms as often as possible. In addition, the virus infection persists for a Fito Balt vélemények long time in various subjects, and if on plastic and metal objects two days, then on glass ones up to 10 days. Coming from the street, home, first of all you need to wash your hands thoroughly with soap, because when you touch different objects, you may have an infection on your hands.

How To Behave If Someone Is Sick In The Family

If the patient is in the house, then it is necessary to take some measures, among which, it is desirable to take a separate room for him, not to mention dishes, towels and other household items.

The most dangerous for infection are the first three days, so at this time all members of the family should use protective masks, which should be changed every two hours. Experts argue that most common cold and viral diseases are exposed to the elderly and children, because they have weak immunity.

However, there is a certain category of adults who have defensive functions of the body that can not cope with viruses.

In order for this to happen, it is necessary, regardless of age, to constantly take care of increasing immunity. Hardening is one of the most effective methods in confronting cách làm trắng da mặt nhanh nhất trong 1 tuan not only catarrhal, but also other diseases. However, it is worth remembering that you need to do it gradually, at the same time you can start at any time of the year, but most experts recommend doing it in the summer.

The simplest method is a contrast shower, which should be followed by cool water.

It is worth remembering that the work of the whole organism depends on nutrition, so try to include as much greenery, vegetables and fruits as possible in the diet, because they contain not only vitamins, but also other useful substances.

An important factor is the use of drinks, especially in winter, the body spends energy on Papillux составот warming the body. It is recommended to drink herbal decoctions, as well as fruit drinks, preferring such forest berries as cranberries and cranberries and do not forget about the dog rose in which the high content of vitamin C. In order to prevent dehydration and normalize the metabolic process, an adult needs to drink about two liters daily clean water, preferably at room temperature.