EcoEnergy Electricity Saver – Smart Savings!

The problem of reducing power consumption is very relevant in the modern world.

In our house, the number of various devices and equipment is regularly increased, which supply energy from the network and need electric current. Definitely, to avoid an increase in consumption in the long term is impossible. But we have the opportunity to save money on electricity, using more advanced and new technologies for this purpose.

It is important to understand that saving energy requires an integrated approach. First, you need a more rational approach to energy consumption – turn off appliances that you do not need at the moment, control the light throughout the house, use energy-saving lamps and choose household appliances with induction type engines. Secondly, it is necessary to optimize the flow of electricity in the system. This is very important, because precisely because of the wrong distribution of energy in the wiring, we spend 50% more current than usual.

What Technologies Does Modern Science Offer?

If you carefully analyze the market of energy-saving devices, then special attention should be paid to current converters. One of these devices is EcoEnergy Electricity Saver (another name for this device is E-ENERGY). In 2019, this device became one of the most popular products in Europe and was widely used in many areas of activity. Today it is one of the most effective engineering solutions that will help reduce electrical current consumption by up to 45% without any difficulties and difficulties.

The E-ENERGY device is intended for instant connection to a standard electrical network. With a permissible load of 18 kW, the use of this device is relevant for:

– Houses, apartments;
– Offices, commercial premises, restaurants;
– Car repair shops, Car washes;
– Industrial and industrial facilities, warehouses, garages.

EcoEnergy Electricity Saver helps to transfer and distribute electricity consumption with minimal losses. In addition, the device reduces the likelihood of voltage surges, protects appliances from sudden surges and extends the life of home appliances several times.

The manufacturer assures us that it is through the use of this innovative system that there is a real opportunity to save your money, even if you continue to use the washing machine, refrigerator, TV, electronics, lighting and other appliances as usual.

How Does EcoEnergy Work?

EcoEnergy Electricity Saver eliminates excess useless current consumption by converting and optimizing energy in the network. The laws of physics claim that two types of energy always circulate in our network – active and reactive. Active energy is more universal and it has the physical properties of conversion into thermal or mechanical energy. As for reactive energy, it has no visible benefit. It does not enter the instruments, but rather creates an additional load, causing extra magnetic fields and an increased network resistance. In some electrical wiring, the load from reactive energy can reach up to 41% of the total current. But the most important thing: the counters of your power company take into account both types of power at the established tariff, so you pay extra money for useless power.

The EcoEnergy Electricity Saver is designed to help you correct the situation. It works as a filter: it transmits only active power to the network, and reactive retains or converts it to useful energy. Thus, the consumption of electric current is optimized, which automatically leads to a reduction and economy.

You can order this product in:

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Useful action:

– Rational use of electric current in the network;
– Reduction of losses and distribution of energy in the network;
– Elimination of sudden voltage drops;
– Reduction of harmful electromagnetic waves and harmonics;
– Absorption and release of reactive energy in real time;
– Suppression of noise and resistance of an electrical wiring, decrease in the general level of loading.

What professionals say:

“I have been working as a construction worker for more than ten years. Our team is engaged in complex repair and construction of residential premises of any complexity. At the planning stage of working moments, my clients often ask to use the most economical technologies. While the room is in rough finish, you can choose a good and high-quality copper wiring, to improve current consumption and increase fire safety. But what if you have already finished repairs? In this case, I recommend to include EcoEnergy in the network. This is an energy-saving device The device ensures stable operation of all household appliances and devices, and also reduces the current consumption by almost 50%. “

The device is really a universal solution and can be useful for those who want to save their money. Your savings depend on the type and quantity of instruments used. For example, the operation of an electric kettle requires about 4 kW/hour of power, but if you turn on the EcoEnergy Electricity Saver in the network, the power consumption will drop to 2 kW/hour. The microwave oven consumes 1 kW/h, but with this device, the figures are reduced to 0.6 kW/h. Now imagine how many appliances work in your house at the same time and try to calculate how much money you can save using EcoEnergy. Obviously, today it is one of the easiest and most effective ways to get a good result, and without much difficulty and difficulty.

It seems to you that for installation EcoEnergy need to call an electrical engineer? You are deeply mistaken! The device does not require complex installation or integrity of electrical wiring. All that needs to be done is to plug it into any outlet in your home, preferably closer to the meter.

Customer Reviews from the official site:

“I tested EcoEnergy Electricity Saver at home for 2 weeks. At the same time, an electric boiler, a computer, halogen lamps and construction equipment in the garage were actively working in the house. The savings were about 15%. Not bad in principle, but I would like a more tangible result.”

“I checked the operation of the device in my apartment. For 1 month my expenses for electricity payment decreased by about 26%. At a cost of 39 euros, the device paid off in 2 months completely and now I do not regret having ordered it on the official website. ”

“On the recommendation of a colleague, I decided to order the EcoEnergy Electricity Saver energy saver. Initially I was skeptical about the efficiency of using such a device, but after 2-3 days I noticed that the counter speed noticeably decreased. I saved about 70 kW in 10 days and I consider it a good result.”

If you want to order EcoEnergy Electricity Saver directly from the official supplier, we suggest doing it right now. In the list we presented a list of countries where the delivery of this product. Go to the website of the direct distributor, leave the online application form and receive your order within a few days.