Early Watermelons are Dangerous to Health

It is not a secret to anyone that in those vegetables and fruits that are sold outside the ripening season, do not contain the necessary amount of useful substances.

In addition, some companies engaged in their production, use a variety of chemicals to accelerate growth and prevent various plant diseases, which adversely affects the health of those people who often include them in their diet.

Often there are cases of poisoning by early vegetables and fruits, especially watermelons, which already appear in store shelves at the beginning of July, although a whole month before their natural maturation.

Give Preference to Seasonal Fruits and Berries

Therefore, in order not to get poisoned because of the high content of nitrates in them, it is better to wait until August, when this berry is recommended to be included in the daily diet. Watermelons contain a large number of vitamins, minerals and other substances that improve the performance of almost all organs. At the same time, they have a low protein content and no fats, while 90% of them consist of water. Scientists have proved that the use of watermelons contributes to the removal of harmful accumulations from the body.

This product improves the functioning of the heart, liver, kidneys, and also normalizes blood pressure, naturally with moderate use. Watermelons sold before the deadline, in addition to nitrates, can contain dangerous microbes that come from fertilizers.

When buying watermelon, you need to pay attention to its appearance, which should be natural and not have damage in the form of dark spots. You should not buy previously cut watermelons, which are packed with food film, because before cutting, berries are not washed, because of which microbes and bacteria easily penetrate the pulp of watermelon. Experts advise in summer to include as much vegetables, berries and fruits as possible in order to strengthen the immune system, which will reduce the likelihood of diseases, both cold and viral. In this case, salads made from fresh vegetables should be present in the menu at least once a day.

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