Dust Is One Of Allergens

According to statistics, about 20% of the inhabitants of the earth suffer from different forms of allergy, with each year their number is increasing, with the disease appearing in both adults and children.

Among a large number of allergens the most common is dust, and the most common, which accompanies a person everywhere on the street, at home, in transport and so on, while several of its species, for example, domestic. The most common is people who are allergic to such dust.

This is not surprising, because we constantly have to breathe air, where there are spores of mold fungi, pollen of various plants, as well as dust mites, living in bedding, carpets, upholstered furniture, which are the main cause of allergies.

Also, many people are allergic to dust, which settles on rare books, most often it concerns workers in archives, libraries and other institutions where a lot of books are stored. Often an allergen becomes building dust, which appears during the erection of objects or repair work.

All Allergy Types Identical Symptoms

According to specialists, in all cases, the presence of allergies is indicated by the same symptoms, in which there is a runny nose and cough, and without apparent cause, the skin and mucous membranes begin to itch, conjunctivitis is often observed.

However, the most dangerous is Quincke’s edema, during which a person can not practically breathe, which can lead to serious consequences.

Only the doctor can set the exact allergen, but remember that the medicine for allergy to dust does not exist yet, so the disease is very difficult to treat. But, do not despair, because, adhering to some rules, you can avoid the occurrence of the disease.

First, it is necessary to take the rule every day to conduct a wet cleaning of the premises, while removing carpets from the room, replacing thick curtains with lighter ones, and also soft furniture with fabric upholstery, if possible, replace with leather. It is more often than not to wash the bed linen, but also the bedspread, pillows and blanket.