Doctors Recommend Drinking Coffee And Tea With Adding Sugar

At all times, among the drinks that people drink most often are tea and coffee, and it is not surprising, because sweet fizzy drinks or packaged juices are not better consumed, because, they contain harmful substances that do not only worsen the condition Health, but also affect life expectancy.

Coffee, as well as strongly brewed tea, nutritionists do not recommend to drink on an empty stomach or immediately after eating, it is better to do it 20 minutes after eating.

As a result of recent research, it became known that these drinks are best consumed with a small amount of sugar, adhering to the norms, how many spoons of brewing, so much sugar, and, add it, should be during brewing.

This is necessary in order to improve the work of the brain, because, eating unsweetened tea or coffee, only caffeine enters the bloodstream. Especially useful is green tea, which, in addition to quenching thirst, provides the body with the necessary substances that improve the work of the intestines, and also, resist the onset of cancer.

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