Do not Wash Weight Lower than Norm

For any woman, the figure is of great importance, so they try to keep an eye on it from an early age.

And, there is a certain category of girls who pay too much attention to this, for fear of gaining excess weight.

In addition to the fact that they refuse to eat many products, they daily intensively engage in sports, resulting in a weight loss below the norm.

Experts argue that such a condition can lead to a disruption of the metabolic process, which in turn negatively affects the work of many organs. Such people are weakened by immunity, and as a result, they are more likely to suffer from cold and viral diseases.

It is worth noting that recently in European countries, the fashion for too thin figures is falling, so do not try to achieve such indicators. Knowing your height, any person can easily determine how much weight he must have to feel in good shape, because being overweight also worsens the quality of life and is the cause of many diseases.