Do Not Charge the Phone in the Bedroom During a Dream

In our time it is impossible to imagine the existence without smartphones, tablets and other computer equipment, which quickly entered our life and became very popular.

However, experts argue that when using mobile phones, it is necessary to follow certain recommendations in order not to cause harm to health.

Japanese scientists claim that more than 70% of people put gadgets on gymnastics at night, and, in the same room where they sleep, thereby increasing the likelihood of developing various diseases, including cancer.

It turned out that during the charging, the degree of radiation increases, whereas during sleep the protective functions of the body decrease, resulting in a rash on the skin, private headaches and fatigue, which worsens the quality of life.

Most experts advise at night to turn off all devices, and, not only gadgets, but a TV, because they all emit harmful substances. On weekends, try to use these communication tools less often, remembering that a long conversation on a mobile phone worsens the work of the brain.

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