Deficiency of Iron Causes Anemia

The lack of vitamins, minerals and amino acids in the body can lead to disruption of the metabolism, as well as cause various diseases.

For example, an insufficient amount of iron provokes the development of anemia, because red corpuscles are not able to produce fully hemoglobin.

To prevent this from happening, it is necessary to diversify the diet, including foods containing high levels of nutrients. Everybody knows that the consumption of fruits and berries during their ripening season strengthens the protective properties of the body and provides it with vitamins.

Among the fruits, which contain a large amount of iron, are apricots, figs, dates, as well as pomegranate, grapes and apples.

In addition, a high level of its content is observed in meat, but it should be remembered that this product should be consumed in a limited form, because it is heavily digested by the stomach and contains a lot of saturated fat. In order to determine the level of iron in the blood, it is necessary to pass an analysis, and if the indicator is below the norm, then this can be corrected with the help of food.

Products with Greater Iron Content

For example, the use of dates gives additional energy, improves the work of the brain, and also promotes iron replenishment. The same applies to apricots, which contain, in addition to iron, a lot of protein, carbohydrates and vitamin A. If fresh berries are good in summer, then in winter it should be preferred to dried apricots.

As for the figs, it can be consumed both separately and added to a variety of dishes, while remembering that in the dried form it is more useful. Also in the daily diet should include grapes and raisins, remembering that any useful products are most effective in moderate use.

Pomegranate seeds can be added during the preparation of various salads, which are especially popular with children, and also squeeze the juice, remembering that in this fruit there are many substances that improve the composition of blood, and also positively affecting the central nervous system.

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