Daylight Saving Time

From year to year, in our country it is customary to translate the clock.

All this is due to the fact that our country lies in three time zones.

And in order not to act like some countries, it was agreed that every year in the autumn and spring to translate the clock. In the autumn period, the arrows are transferred an hour back, whereas in the autumn this case is transferred one hour ahead. This decision was established in 1996, so that the state could start saving.

As noted in the government, such a decision can significantly save on electricity for the general population. The fact is that when a person wakes up an hour an hour later than in the summer, he, accordingly, will need less lighting for the apartment. A similar situation occurs in the winter. People wake up an hour earlier, which allows them to spend the entire work day in the sunlight. And when it gets dark, they use less electricity. Thus, savings of up to 39 million US dollars can be obtained, which is approximately from 0.10-0.15 of the state budget.

Opinion of doctors

However, not everything is as simple as doctors say. It is the translation of time every six months that can seriously worsen the health of people who suffer from chronic diseases of the cardiovascular system, as well as for those whom we are accustomed to call owls. In order to avoid drastic changes in time, doctors recommend this group of people to gradually adapt and offer during the last week to go to bed later for every 15 minutes a day. Thus, within 4-6 days, you can gradually level your biorhythms, so as not to get a stressful condition from the translation of the clock.

In fairness, it can be noted that in order to avoid a fruitive situation, as well as the discontent of many citizens from different time zones, the option was considered when, in one country, there would be two time zones. However, nobody supported this initiative, that now there are always problems from the East and the West, when it is required to translate time.