Dates – Some Of The Most Useful Dried Fruits

Among a large selection of dried fruits, which are offered in the markets and in the supermarket, special attention should be paid to dates that have medicinal properties.

These small fruits of the date palm help strengthen the heart, kidneys and liver, and also increase immunity, which avoids viral and infectious diseases.

Unlike other fruits, dates contain the highest amount of carbohydrates, about 65%, and also iron, copper, manganese and many other minerals, and a wide variety of amino acids.

Thanks to such a wide range of nutrients, these fruits are useful for hypertension and anemia, as well as for improving brain function and as prevention against cancer.

Important is that in the dates, as in many other products of plant origin, there is no cholesterol, while, despite the fact that they are very nutritious, they contain few calories, which means those people who observe dietary nutrition and constantly monitor their weight, they can replace sweets.

Who Should More Frequently Use These Fruits

These palm fruits have a strengthening and toning property that allows you to quickly gain strength to people who have been ill for a long time. Fresh dates are used as ingredients for fruit salads, as well as when baking confectionery.

Sugar made from these fruits, brings more benefits to the body than beet or cane. However, with so many positive qualities, as with all products, there are contraindications to their use.

This applies to people who suffer from allergies, diabetes, as well as those who have various diseases of the stomach and intestines, including ulcers. Usually, dates are sold in dried form, while manufacturers often treat them with toxic preparations, which increase the shelf life and preserve their color. Before eating, it is advised to pour boiling water for a few minutes, then rinse thoroughly with cold water.

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