Circle of Communication Affects Health

Specialists say that your psychological state largely depends on what kind of people you communicate with.

There is a category of people who constantly show discontent for different reasons, and if this happens systematically, it is better to refuse to communicate with them, because they will transfer all the accumulated negative energy to you.

As a result, a feeling of apathy arises, irritability arises, unreasonable anxiety, which worsens the quality of life, because the sleep is disturbed, headaches and fatigue appear. Try to surround yourself with people who, despite the difficulties, remain optimistic and continue to lead an active lifestyle.

In any situation, they find more positive aspects than negative ones. Communicating with them, you will constantly be in good condition, both psychological and physical, which plays an important role in life expectancy. For example, in Spain, among people age 100 and over, almost all of them are optimistic, and also have a sense of humor that helps them in life.

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