Children More Frequently Recommended Games On The Street

American scientists carried out research that resulted in the fact that not only the growth and development of a child depends on nutrition, but also on how he spends his free time.

Everybody knows that in our time most parents allow children to sit out for a long time at computer monitors, but do not think that this negatively affects their health.

Specialists came to the conclusion that the more time children spend in the open air, the less they are exposed to various diseases.

In addition to this, playing sports kinds strengthen the muscular and bone system, and also develop thinking and positively influence the central nervous system.

Such Games Strengthen Immunity

In addition, they recommend pediatricians to prescribe games in the fresh air as a therapeutic prophylaxis. A good option will be when children play with their peers more often, because the circle of communication expands, new emotions emerge, but games with parents also have a positive impact on the development of the baby.

So do not miss the opportunity on weekends to try to travel out of town more often, where you can play volleyball, football and other outdoor games, which will positively affect the health of not only children but also adults.

Everybody knows that staying in the open air enriches the blood with oxygen, which improves blood circulation, which means that all organs receive the necessary amount of useful substances.

In the course of the experiment, it turned out that modern children are much less likely to go out into the streets, compared to their peers in the eighties. At the same time, some of them have almost no free time, because, in addition to school attendance, several groups are visited, which often leads to the appearance of chronic fatigue.

Do not forget that mobile games have a positive effect on cognitive development, improving speech, mental abilities, and educate them in their independence and self-confidence. Remember that the more time you spend with the child, the more trusting the relationship will be between you.

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