Causes of Warts Appearance

Warts that arise on the skin are benign, and, as experts say, most often they appear, as in young children, and adolescence.

In order to answer the question of parents about how to get rid of these formations, it is necessary to find out the reasons for their occurrence and how dangerous they are to health. It is known that warts are caused by a virus such as HPV, which can be infected even with slight damage to the skin.

This is confirmed by the fact that they often appear in children, who are constantly observed abrasions, scratches and other small lesions on the skin obtained during gambling.

It should be noted that any person from one wart may have the same formations that will spread throughout the body. Most often they occur on the fingers and the inside of the palm, but often they can be observed on the face of the child, and if such formations do not cause harm, other than an unpleasant appearance, they are located on the soles of the feet, causing pain during walking.

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This disease is more likely to affect children and adults who have a habit of gnawing their nails, as well as those with weakened immunity, and the wart does not reveal itself immediately after infection, but after a while, sometimes it takes several months.

It is worth noting that if such entities are damaged on the hands of a person, after touching them to various common objects, a virus remains on them, which passes to perfectly healthy people.

Moreover, they appear on the face only from the touch of dirty hands, which is why it is necessary to monitor their cleanliness, for which it is necessary to constantly carry wet wipes. Children often have cases of self-extinction of warts, but if they start to increase in size, and new formations appear, it is necessary to consult a specialist who can prescribe a treatment or propose its removal.

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