Causes of Smoking in Adolescents

Despite the fact that in European countries the majority of residents refuse such a harmful habit as smoking, according to statistics, a relatively large number of young people smoke, not thinking about what is causing irreparable harm to their health.

German scientists, having conducted a study, determined that one of the causes of smoking among adolescents is that they want to appear adults in front of their peers.

However, most often the desire to smoke with them arises from frequent stresses. In addition, it became known that those people who started smoking at an early age, in most cases can not independently get rid of this habit.

Some parents do not even realize that their children are often exposed to stress, especially if there are problems in communicating with friends, classmates, teachers, not to mention if there are frequent quarrels between parents in the family.

What Hurt From Such a Habit

Also an important factor is the financial situation, because according to statistics, those children who often experience financial difficulties are twice as likely to start smoking as teenagers from wealthy families. From the effects of nicotine, the child’s body suffers a few az more than an adult.

First of all, this concerns the heart and vessels, whose activity worsens, and the likelihood of chronic diseases is growing.

It is not a secret for anyone that smokers are more likely to suffer from hypertension than others, because nicotine plaques appear in their circulatory system, and every cigarette smoked narrows the blood vessels.

In addition, the condition of the respiratory system worsens, because it is in the lungs that tar and other harmful substances that provoke the development of cancer cells accumulate. Due to the fact that smoking accelerates the aging process, such people differ in appearance, because there are early wrinkles, shortness of breath, the voice becomes rough, and other factors that worsen health and shorten the life span.

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