Causes of Rapid Aging Skin

For some people, especially women, appearance is of great importance, and the appearance of early wrinkles and gray hair causes negative emotions.

Many of them do not spare time and money to look younger as long as possible. Nowadays a wide range of cosmetics for skin care is provided, however, experts say, they do not always bring the desired effect.

In order to maintain the skin in good condition, it is necessary to abandon some habits that accelerate the aging of cells, and one of them is smoking.

It is not a secret for anyone that at present, not only men, but also women, do not smoke, but do not think that this worsens the work of the heart and blood vessels, and also provokes the development of many diseases, including oncological diseases. Because of worsening of blood circulation, tissues and organs do not receive the necessary amount of oxygen and other useful substances.

Caffeine Has a Negative Effect on Skin

In addition, the daily dose of caffeine intake should not exceed 300 milligrams, so you need to make sure that no more than two cups of coffee are drunk during the day, and in the morning. The same goes for tea, because the abuse of this drink also worsens the skin and can trigger wrinkles.

In sunny weather, do not give up sunglasses, because in their absence you have to squint, because of which wrinkles form in the eye area.

It is well known that the moisture evaporates from exposure to direct sunlight from skin tissues, which leads to its dryness, peeling, and the risk of developing cancer cells.

One of the reasons for rapid aging is frequent lack of sleep, because the work of the organs is an additional burden, as well as improper position of the body during sleep, as this can lead to puffiness on the face and the appearance of wrinkles. In addition, the skin can be affected by improperly selected cream and masks, which are recommended not to be applied more than twice a week.

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