Causes of Intervertebral Hernia

Causes of Intervertebral HerniaAccording to statistics, every year an increasing number of people complain about back pain, and, most often, their cause is the intervertebral hernia.

Especially it became relevant after the advent of the Internet, when many people are Collamask 抗皱面膜 forced to lead a sedentary lifestyle. It is not a secret to anybody that there are more and more office employees.

In addition, a hernia can appear due to excess weight, frequent nervous stress, and alcohol abuse and smoking, not to mention malnutrition.

The main symptoms that indicate the presence of the intervertebral hernia Collamask μάσκα για τις ρυτίδες are pain in the back, as well as tingling or numbness of the upper or lower extremities.

This disease has a negative impact on the work of the whole body and reduces efficiency, not to mention the deterioration of the quality of life. The fact is that constant pain disrupts sleep, which causes people to have fast fatigue, headaches and other negative symptoms.

How To Prevent The Appearance Of A Hernia

Scientists, having conducted a number of experiments, determined that in order to prevent the emergence of this disease it is necessary to adhere to several rules:

– not to allow the appearance of excess weight
– to make a correct diet
– follow the posture
– avoid heavy physical activity

Experts argue that the main cause of many diseases, including those associated with the musculoskeletal system, is overweight, because the load on all organs is increasing.

In order to maintain weight in the norm, it Collamask anti-wrinkle mask is necessary not only to eat properly, but also to lead an active lifestyle, especially for people who are forced to sit for a long time during work. This category of people is recommended to engage in various sports, not only on weekends, but also on weekdays, arranging morning jogs and evening walks. As for the sport, each person can individually choose the most suitable form for him, and if in summer biking or swimming in open water is good, then skiing or skating in the winter will be a good option.

At the same time, do not forget that during each working hour you must do a warm-up to unload not only the spine, but also other organs, which will make it possible to prevent the development of many diseases, including Collamask 抗皱面膜 the cardiovascular system.

Everyone knows that with food we get all the necessary substances for the normal life of the whole organism. Therefore, it is necessary to pay special attention to the composition of the diet, which should consist of useful products. It is recommended to exclude or limit the use of semi-finished products, sausages and confectionery products, not to mention conservation.

Nutritionists are advised to give preference to home nutrition, because it gives the opportunity to control not only the number of calories, but also fats, as well as sugar and salt. From the fact in which pose a person Collamask una mascarilla para quitar las arrugas is used to sit, the condition of the spine largely depends, therefore, try to always keep your back flat, even when walking. Heavy physical exertion can also cause problems with the spine, including hernia.