Causes of Dizziness

Some people are faced with the problem of dizziness, the cause of which may be different.

One of the most common is chronic fatigue caused by frequent lack of sleep, especially for those people who work on the night shift, because their body lacks melatonin.

Everyone knows that this hormone is actively released at night, especially from 23 to 2 am. Maybe that’s why experts recommend going to bed before midnight.

The cause of dizziness can also be heavy physical and mental labor, which people do not pay much attention to full rest, and this does not apply only to weekends and holidays, but also after the end of the day.

One Of Them Is Oat Shell Disease

The head may also be spinning because of a disruption in the work of the vestibular apparatus, which is responsible for the balance. This organ is located in the inner ear and has a complex structure. The fact is that there are cases when calcium crystals appear on the membrane, worsening the work of this organ. When these symptoms appear, it is better to go through a survey with specialists to find out the exact cause of their appearance.

In order for this not to happen, it is necessary to pay more attention to both rest and proper nutrition, giving preference to useful products in which there is no content of chemical additives.

It is scientifically proven that those people in whose diet vegetables, fruits, fermented milk and seafood are present, suffer from various diseases less often.

Do not forget that adherence to strict diets, during which people refuse to eat products of animal origin and other healthy foods, may experience dizziness, because of a metabolic disorder. The fact is that with such nutrition, the body does not receive the required amount of vitamin, minerals and amino acids.

Such symptoms can arise due to prolonged stay in an enclosed space, because the blood is not enriched with oxygen, resulting in deterioration of the heart and brain.

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